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Where To Start



We provide free 15 minute phone consultations. A consultation involves talking generally about your legal problem and identifying the work involved to achieve the best outcome possible for your situation.
A first interview to obtain detailed instructions is the next step in the process. Representation commences once a written costs agreement is signed and/or payment arrangements are made.


We believe in a tailored approach to fees rather than one size fits all. Every legal problem is different and we understand your legal issue is specific to you and your situation. Our goal is to tailor fees to fairly capture the level of service and work provided and the value conferred to you.

Our fees vary because they always depend on the willingness of parties to engage in negotiations, timing of the case, the anticipated volume and complexity of work, the desired results and other client expectations.

In saying this, we try to provide you with as much information regarding fees as we possibly can. Whilst we are unable to provide you with a quote we are able to give you an estimate and promise to keep you informed regarding our fees on a regular basis.
You will find our rates extremely competitive.

Our fees may be one or a combination of the following arrangements:

  • Flat fee all inclusive arrangements
    Where possible we will always try to provide you with a flat fee option so you are able to stick to a budget and have certainty around your legal fees.
  • According to the Supreme Court Scale
    You will find applying the Supreme Court Scale allows us to charge on an item basis. So no matter how LONG it takes us to perform the work we will charge you at these set rates.
  • Our competitive hourly rate
    In some cases we will need to charge our competitive hourly rate. This is because it will be very difficult to know the extent of the work involved. The current hourly rate our solicitors charge is $300 + GST per hour. In order to keep your costs down, work may be completed by our administrative staff at their hourly rate of $120 + GST.


We offer limited scope representation in appropriate situations. This usually means you proceed without counsel in hearings or in communications, but that we provide advice, legal research and other specifically designated support roles as agreed upon with you in advance. Limited scope representation can assist you to not break the bank. In this way, you can control fees and save costs.


In some cases we may be willing to defer recovery of our fees for a specified period. This may occur in some property settlement proceedings.


Disbursements are out of pocket expenses in addition to our lawyer’s fees and include (but are not limited to):

  • Court filing and lodgement fees
  • Barrister fees
  • Expert and other consultants
  • Banking charges
  • Process servers and investigators
  • Statutory fees, duties and charges (e.g. stamp duty)
  • Search fees
  • Unusually large postage and courier fees

We seek clients’ approval prior to incurring any unusual or substantial disbursements.

How can I become client of CARES Lawyers?2018-01-31T04:10:48+00:00
To become our client, you will need to accept and sign our cost/retainer agreement, based on your requests for our services which will be sent to you by either email, letter or fax.
What are methods of payment are accepted?2018-01-31T04:10:37+00:00
We accept payments by bank transfer or cash.
Can CARES Lawyers travel to an alternative meeting place instead of me attending the CARES Lawyers’ office?2018-01-31T04:12:20+00:00
We are always looking for ways to make matters more convenient for our clients at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, we usually suggest a meeting place in our office so we do not have to travel and charge you for our travelling time. However, if requested, our lawyers may be available to meet you at any place requested provided that:

  • the travelling cost and the travelling timing cost of our lawyer/s are paid by you;
  • a reasonable notice period has been given; and
  • the location of the meeting is safe, clean, and convenient for transport.
Can CARES Lawyers send written communication to clients in two languages (bilingual) at the same time (for instance Vietnamese and English)?2018-01-31T04:12:27+00:00
Languages used through verbal communications are Vietnamese and English. However, in the documents exchanged between us and clients through email/fax/mail, we will only use English. We will write in one or more languages should a client request, provided that an additional fee will be charged for our translation services.