The Free Phone Consultation allows you to make an appointment for an initial consultation. It is important for you to:

  • Give us a brief summary of your situation.


“I want to purchase a business, can you help me with the processes and paperwork?”
“I want to start a business, what is my next step? What business structure should I use? How can I protect my interests?”
“I have been given a document called Terms & Conditions, does it suit me? How can I change it?”
“Someone owes me money and I do not have a written contract, can I recover it?”
“I have received a letter of demand from a lawyer, what are my options now?”

  • Tell us about any documents that you want us to look over before the initial consultation.
  • Decide how and when the initial consultation would take place (meet at our office, link by telephone or Skype).
  • Accept a fixed-fee initial consultation.