• We are community conscious
    • Including donating a percentage of profits to charity and provision of free community education
  • We offer a variety of fee options
    • Including limited scope representation, fixed fees and deferral fee options
  • We have Vietnamese speaking lawyers
  • Whilst our main office is in Salisbury South Australia, we not only service clients in Adelaide but also in Sydney, New South Wales and assist immigration clients from all around the globe including: Europe (UK), Africa (Togo, Ethiopia & Kenya) and across Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines & Cambodia).

CARES Lawyers is built on a strong philosophy of helping others and giving back to the community.

Community Legal Education

We regularly conduct free Community Legal Education within the community to enable people to have an understanding of how the law works in a number of areas. If your community group/organisation would like for CARES Lawyers to visit to give a free education seminar please contact us.

Community Contributions photo

Support & Advocate for Human Rights Issues

CARES Lawyers strives to give a voice to those that cannot be heard, especially when it involves those most vulnerable – children. The innocence of a child is a sacred gift and for this to be taken away is a serious crime against humanity.

CARES Lawyers is involved in raising awareness of children involved in the sexual trafficking industry. This is a topic that is so horrible to hear/talk about and perhaps this is the reason why it is not highly publicised in the media. It is simply easier for us to turn the other way and pretend it is not happening. But when it occurs in our world, it becomes our problem and we must unite to make it stop.
For us to make a difference we must stand together, unite with one voice to condemn these atrocious practises.

We urge you to support http://www.destinyrescue.org/aus/ and hear about the remarkable work they are doing.

A wonderful man and priest Father Martino has dedicated his life to this cause. To find a way to support his organisation please see http://www.onebodyvillage.org/

Unidentified children in a shool


CARES anchors its foundational value on the true meaning of care and empathy.

We believe that if we care a little, we will get some results; but if we care enough, we can get incredible results! Yes, we pride ourselves on upholding this important value for every client. We care enough to make a difference in the world we live in.

We care enough to achieve the full potential we were born with, and to be the best at what we do. More importantly, we’ll walk our talk by bringing change in this world even in the smallest of things.

We are more than just a law firm. We aim to deliver more than what we promise “lawyers with care, empathy and integrity”. Striving for excellence is of great importance to us. The continuous refinement of this value is deeply embedded and committed individually and collectively in order to better serve you.

At CARES, we believe that law doesn’t need to be complicated thus we aim to make it transparent and simple yet still achieve the best possible results for you.

It’s in the “why” questions that CARES values are challenged and enriched: Why do things differently? Why care at all? Why work this hard? Why come together?

The answer is simple – because we are genuinely caring and intelligent people and helping others is what we do best.