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Collaborative law is a child and family-focused discussion which works to resolve disputes that is all about what you and your family need and want and then brainstorming ways for you to get it. As our client, you will have access to the skills of child specialists, counsellors, accountants, financial advisers, and other family professionals who can bring their expertise to the process, allowing us to concentrate on helping you in negotiations and focusing upon shaping a fair settlement that best meets your specific needs.

The Collaborative Law Process allows a greater degree of co-operation between a range of professionals involved to facilitate a broad range of family issues:

  • Disputes between parties
  • Financial issues
  • Child-related matters
  • Pre and post-marital contracts
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After the initial consultation:2018-01-30T05:22:30+00:00
    We will look over any necessary documents and scope the legal work involved by sending you an estimate for the legal work including our terms of engagement.


What should you do at an initial consultation?2018-01-30T05:21:57+00:00
The initial consultation is confidential. For us to work with most effectively, and with you like a part of your team, you should be completely frank, open and keep us fully aware of the circumstances of your case. You should also tell us about things that you think are not in your favour so that we can factor them into your options from the start instead of later. The initial consultation allows you to become comfortable for us to work with you.
What should I prepare for an initial consultation?2018-01-30T05:21:21+00:00
      You should:
  • Identify key goals that you want our help to achieve.
  • Prepare questions that you will ask us.
  • Compile any documents that may explain your situation.
  • If you have a dispute, please write down the major points of your situation before the initial consultation.
How to make an appointment?2018-01-30T05:20:34+00:00
    The Free Phone Consultation allows you to make an appointment for an initial consultation. It is important for you to:

  • Give us a brief summary of your situation.


“I want to purchase a business, can you help me with the processes and paperwork?”
“I want to start a business, what is my next step? What business structure should I use? How can I protect my interests?”
“I have been given a document called Terms & Conditions, does it suit me? How can I change it?”
“Someone owes me money and I do not have a written contract, can I recover it?”
“I have received a letter of demand from a lawyer, what are my options now?”

  • Tell us about any documents that you want us to look over before the initial consultation.
  • Decide how and when the initial consultation would take place (meet at our office, link by telephone or Skype).
  • Accept a fixed-fee initial consultation.
Why is the Collaborative Law Process a good option?2018-01-30T05:19:25+00:00
    The benefits to you taking responsibility for your dispute and resolution. You will retain control of your matter including the pace and the cost of the process. Negotiations are private and confidential, and you are assisted in reaching an agreement that will best meet your priorities


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