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Uma Mahadeva

Uma Mahadeva
Commercial & Family Lawyer
Uma Mahadeva

Uma Mahadeva joined CARES Lawyers as a consultant in April 2014. He has over 25 years of experience and his specialist knowledge of legal dispute management is highly valued and regarded in the legal industry. Uma has a practical, responsive and outcome oriented approach to his work. He is very interested in information technology and the law and has been able to develop and make use of a number of technological tools in order to make the legal practice effective and efficient.

Uma really CARES for his clients, as this increased efficiency can be passed onto clients in the form of better value for their legal fees. When Uma is not looking to solve legal problems creatively, he enjoys being with his family, bushwalking, reading and keeping abreast of international affairs.

Education and Professional Memberships

Bachelor of Laws, Adelaide University

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, University of South Australia

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